Space Saving Furniture

When selecting furniture for your tiny house, there are three key characteristics to look for: Small, Compact & Multifunctional. Sticking to these three features will add flexibility to your tiny house. We’ve rounded up some of our¬†favourite space-saving furniture items, and why they’re a great […]

JOTUL woodfires are a great solution for heating small areas. Image via Pinterest |

Tiny House Heating Ideas

Most tiny homes and small spaces won’t take much energy to heat during the winter months, as they are small, confined spaces. When deciding on a heating system, the most important things to consider are efficiency, safety, cost and environmental impact. Here a few suggestions […]

Bathroom tips

The bathroom is the most challenging part of designing compact living because they are still necessary even though we dont spend a great deal of time there.     Toilet Tank Basin Solutions Tap into your toilet’s tank-refilling operation and use that water to wash […]

Kitchen Solutions for Small Areas

Kitchen Solutions for Small Areas If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional kitchen for your small space, a pre-fab kitchenette is the perfect solution! Pre-fab kitchenettes are a quick and easy way to add a kitchen area to your tinyhome, whilst saving time […]